Illuminate Viktoria !

A new Illumination at the Viktoria / Frappant, to celebrate the amazing castell-esque shape of this historic building, part of a formerly prussian barracks.

Pictures by the great Lena Jürgensen – Thanx!

The first pic is the official pic for our campaign to buy the castle of art & more! Home (workspace) for 150 people from all realms of creativity.

See for more information. If you look for infos in english, please write me a mail.

_X2A4788_hallo_viktoria_flyermotiv_eci_rgb _X2A4711_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4710_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4709_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4677_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4676_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4675_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4674_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4673_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4672_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4671_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4670_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4669_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4668_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4667_viktoria_04_2013 Viktoria-Symmetrisiert-II _X2A4721_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4717_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4716_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4715_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4714_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4713_viktoria_04_2013 _X2A4712_viktoria_04_2013