MYSTIQUE Entrancing Art

Mystique was a fascinating art festival for the duration of 2 months(june & july 2013) on and in the area and buildings of the abandoned TGA-Factory in Magdeburg, Germany. Over 100 Artists from Europe and beyond gathered to deliver an exciting show of a multitude of creative disciplines too numerous to number… Many impressions and documentation can be found on the projects website.

A documentary video gives a pretty good impression  – LUMIDIUM contributions can be glimpsed at by the timecodes of 1:35, 6:48 and 7:13, the dynamic illumination of the giant TGA-Building, also depicted below.

Illumination of the formerly abandoned TGA-Building in Magdeburg, now hosting the wowsy art event MYSTIQUE. 100+ artists from Germany, Europe and beyond (way beyond) demonstrating fine art in the revived building complex with 8 floors of office space and 3 huge industrial production halls – truly amazing!

Mystique-Illumination-00 Mystique-Illumination-01 Mystique-Illumination-02 Mystique-Illumination-03 Mystique-Illumination-04 Mystique-Illumination-05 Mystique-Illumination-06 Mystique-Illumination-07