Enlightening the Lichtwarkhaus

The Lichtwarkhaus is a communal social center for citizens of all ages and was undergoing a conceptional reconfiguration. to raise awareness about the process and the value of the location, an illumination was initiated.
The project was a cooperation with the city planning bureau and art agency ΓΌberNormalNull. Thanks to the kids in the Lightwarkhaus’ help huge amounts of sandbags were carried onto the roof to secure the beams carrying the LED-lights!

LWH_0578 LWH_0580 LWH_0582 LWH_0585 LWH_0588 LWH_0605 LWH_0606 LWH_0611 LWH_0624 LWH_0627 LWH_0628 LWH_0630 LWH_0631 LWH_0635 LWH_0677 LWH_0681 LWH_0687 LWH_0688